• Air Conditioning Air Conditioning

    Summers in Florida are very harsh and unbearably hot without the comfort of a high efficiency air conditioning system at home or at work. For the Home and Business an efficient A/C system can make every-one happy! We are committed to please our clients and always we warranty our work!

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  • Refrigeration Refrigeration

    Whether it is a large cold storage room, a walk-in cooler or a small under-counter unit, "Ellinas" can help you solve any problem you might have.

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  • Ice Machines, Ice Bins, and Water Filtration Ice Machines, Ice Bins,

    and Water Filtration

    A good, clean and efficiently operating Ice Machine is an asset and a moneymaker for your Restaurant Business! Ice is food! The Health Department of the State of Florida do not let dirty Ice Machines to operate. You can even increase your revenue by selling ice in the bags!

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  • Exhaust Hoods, Up-Blast Ventilators, and Make-Up Air Systems Exhaust Hoods,

    Up-Blast Ventilators,

    and Make-up Air Systems Yes, we do service, repair or replace entire roof top Up-Blast Ventilators or Make-Up Air systems connected to an existing Exhaust Hood unit, inside your Restaurant Kitchen.

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About Us

Our History

DG Mechanical is Ellinas, LLC, is a licensed and insured Mechanical Contractor in the state of Florida, delivering first class service for Residential and Commercial Clients. Our 25 years of experience allows us to deliver a comprehensive approach that combines our extensive knowledge in Sales, Installation, Service and Preventive Maintenance for Residential and Commercial Comfort Building Equipment. This unique background allows us, to deliver to our client “peace of mind” through our excellent and rate competitive services.

At DG Mechanical is Ellinas, LLC, we are committed to customer service and building long standing professional relationships.

Why call for services DG Mechanical is Ellinas, LLC, only?

“Ellinas’" 25 years of experience and knowledge in the field, has made us experts in accurate troubleshooting and quick repairing HVAC-R Equipment.

Our focus is an honest straightforward approach, to maximize your profits as a businessman or your comfort as a homeowner by delivering excellent and affordable services.

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E-mail: contact@DGMech.com
Phone: 727.678.3722

DG Mechanical is Ellinas, L.L.C.
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